08 December, 2006

On a lighter note / Seasonal fun

Every year, we bake gingerbread. And after the first year, we realized it was even more fun if we had a theme. Two years ago, that theme was "adult" gingerbread (aka "kinky gingerbread").

Here are a couple of shots of that gingerbread.

This is "Sugar Mama's Toy Shoppe." If you zoom in, you can see that some of our friends are quite skilled in the art of carving jelly beans and sculping with fruit roll-ups. There were, of course, many licorice whips and candy canes.

And here is a picture of my own work: a naughty schoolgirl, molded with fondant. The picture is a little dark (we didn't have a camera with a flash that year, more's the pity!), but if you peer closely, you can see her bending over a bench (sesame candies), with her (rice paper) skirt neatly on the floor beside her. I doubt you can make out the redness of her bottom, but it's there. She's a repentant naughty schoolgirl now. (Actually, I think she's a long-since-eaten naughty schoolgirl, since we made a point of making everything edible, and most of the human figures were made with chocolate fondant, so they were pretty popular when it came to gobbling up the display!)

Enjoy, and may this inspire your own creativity!


Natty said...

OMG -- this is absolutely brilliant!! A fondant naughty school girl -- who'da thunk it?

How did I miss this post for so long? I had no idea I was so behind in my blog reading! Eeep!

Jigsaw Analogy said...

I wondered whether anyone had seen this post. This year's gingerbread theme is "trailer park," as both an homage to my family history and as a representation of economic hardship which will be destroyed tonight in the hopes of bringing greater luck in the coming year. I'll take pictures; there are some great details.

Natty said...

This year's gingerbread theme is "trailer park," as both an homage to my family history

LOL -- yet another similiarity between us! The trailer park I was born into (a single wide) was, of all the white trash things, repossessed. Ah such a glorious beginning...

My mom lives in a more classy trailer park now with a more classy trailer (ohhh a double wide!). And she thinks it would be so great if I got a nice little trailer there in the park with her. LOL the poor deluded woman...

Smashing it sounds great! I can't wait to see the pics. ;)

Jigsaw Analogy said...

I'll try to get pictures up later this week. I think my favorite shot to pose was the one with W's and my dolls, faces daubed with "icing," sitting amongst the wreckage (we also got some video of the dolls smashing the trailer park, but I don't think I'll post that).

I have to admit that when my family lived in a trailer park, we actually had a house on the edge of the trailer park. But people were offended at the use of the phrase "white trash," and question my right to use it, since I'm not exactly white. (But my family is, and much as my mother denies it, we have some serious white trash roots!)

And wait! Repossessed? That means y'all were WAAAY richer than we were. Ownin' yer own home and all. ;P