17 November, 2007

Calling all spanko inventors

Okay, so the other day I was reading about this thing called the 3rd Space Gaming Vest.

Even though I'm not too interested in video games that involve punching (aside from the occasional punching of the keyboard when I notice that I missed a TOTALLY obvious word in "Word Whomp Whackdown"), I think this product has possibilities.

It's a vest you wear while playing a video game, and it has pneumatic pockets that expand and contract when you get hit in a game.

Now, it seems to me that if we've made it this far into 21st century technology, it's not too long before someone figures out how to make, oh, I don't know, a pair of PANTS that will do the same thing. So that those of us who are sadly away from our partners can interact with them on a more visceral level.

Or there could be a whole shelf full of spanking related video games. Maybe a game based on playing school, and different behaviors, if they caught the eye of the videographic "teacher" would then result in various penalties.

I'm a writer, and an historian. But I'm not an engineer.

If you are, maybe you should buy one of these, and then figure out how to make it useful to spankos. I'm sure you'd make a ton of money on it!

08 November, 2007

Search Engine Round-Up

Like lots of us, I have a little widget on my blog that tells me how many people come here, how they get here, and what search terms send them to my blog.

The thing is, with a name like "Breathing In and Breathing Out," I sometimes feel a little worried that people looking for something totally innocent wind up here instead. (Same thing, strangely enough, goes for my other blog, Jigsaw Analogy.)

But there's a good batch of search terms today, so I get to do one of those fun lists of how people found me!

Google seems to REALLY think people should read the story Cheaters Never Prosper. Not sure why that's such a favorite, but people landed there after searching for the following:

  • smacked bare bottom

  • missy bottom hairbrush

  • her spanked her with the hairbrush ruler (hm. How does a hairbrush ruler work, exactly? And this searcher should get spanked for poor grammar!)

  • laura spanked in front of

  • you need to be spanked for your bad grades young lady (I wonder if they were disappointed to realize the story was about two adults, with no report cards at all?)

  • get the strap young lady

  • pull your pants down for a spanking

  • severe caning stories

  • severe caning (I think these last two might have been happier to find Collective Bargaining, but who am I to argue with Google?)

Then there are some of the usual terms:

  • spankings hurt (Well, isn't that kind of the point?)

  • spanking stories head girl (Imagine the school where "spanking stories" is the name of a house! What are the other houses? "bondage tales"? "figging fables"?)

  • i spank woman (me use grammar)

And then there are the ones that make me wonder whether the person was actually looking for something on, I don't know, BREATHING. (I suppose Google is not actually able to figure out content or intention, no matter how wise it seems....)

  • breathing out process

  • when breathing hurts

  • breathing in

  • breathing in and breathing out (These last two may have been actually looking for my blog. Hard to know for sure.)

06 November, 2007


Noticed this as I walked along the street today. And I just have to ask: how much does a pink bottom cost, not on sale? And does this mean the top is blushing, or just pink? I have a top who is often pretty pink....