15 May, 2006


Several years ago, back before I met W., I saw this bath brush on sale at Bath and Body Works while searching for a rubber ducky. I figured, you can't go wrong for $7. I bought it solely for the purpose of washing my back. Well, and also, as it turns out, as a back scratcher. No, really! Okay, I did have spanking in mind, just a little bit, but since I didn't have someone to spank me, it was mostly a vague fantasy.

Since meeting W. it has, of course, been tested out for spanking purposes. The back side is pretty noisy, but I think W. likes it anyways because she gets, um, a lot of bang for her buck. And the bristle side is shockingly wicked, yet pretty quiet. So the bath brush often ends up in the bedroom instead of beside the tub where it belongs.

More recently, we've gotten some kitchen-related multitaskers.
I saw the red item on the top for sale at Whole Foods. It is called, I kid you not, "The Switchit." It's a narrow silicone spatula with a metal core. The wide end has a pleasant sting and the narrow end hurts like holy heck. I admit, between the bright red color and the name, I bought this one primarily for spanking, although it's seen some use in the kitchen as well.

That wooden spoon is a different story. I've been on a quest for a wooden spoon that doesn't hurt... my hands, while I am mixing things in the kitchen. I bought this spoon, since OXO products are generally pretty good about being ergonomic. However, when mixing a stiff dough, this one tends to bite into my hands a bit more than I like. So once I'd gotten another spoon that I like a bit better, I tossed this one into the toy cupboard.

I brought it out last night as W. was mourning her hairbrush that cracked last week during a vigorous (but strangely unpainful to me) spanking. (I guess those drugstore hairbrushes with the little spiky things simply are not meant to be spanking tools!)

Oh. My. Goodness!!! First, the spoon is incredibly quiet for a flat wooden implement. Second, W. was delighting in the marks it leaves--a white spoon outline, followed in short order by a bright red oval. But third--that thing hurts like crazy, and leaves a lasting burn.

W. likes the control she has over it (no catching herself on the hand, as has been known to happen with the evil "loopy toy"). I like the fact that, also unlike the evil loopy thing, the spoon can be used at varying levels of intensity.

So there we have it: three great, inexpensive spanking toys that also have uses outside of the bedroom.


Natty said...

A. is a big fan of the wooden spoon too. On my THIGHS. Doesn't like to kill cockroaches but is terribly sadistic when it comes to hitting me! lol

It's been awhile since we used it and it seemed like ours have always been loud. We need that spoon. Or um, then again, maybe not. ;)

sparkle said...

I hate spoons - probably because of the one we have that I was stupid enough to buy. The thing is more like a paddle, and I had some odd idea that it would be *romantic* to buy Chris an implement.

[grumbles at myself]

Chris has a 'favorite' bathbrush that is curved and rather short, also with soft bristles. It's never actually been used in a bath or shower. The backside is a solid piece of wood, and that turns out to be important when the girl over your lap squirms and fights and everything else.

Dyke Grrl said...

Natty--the spoon is OXO brand, and cost about $5. It's not absolutely silent, but it's pretty darned quiet for a paddle-like implement. Just a warning: I was last spanked Sunday night, I don't think W. was using her full force, and my butt still stings on Wednesday morning.

Sparkle--Ooof. I have to admit that not only am I the one who usually buys the implements (or at least, I'm present when they're bought, and agree to getting them), but I am the idiot who *made* the loopy toy that causes me such intense discomfort. (Why is it one can never seem to self-test these things with accuracy? I swear the loopy toy just didn't hurt that much when I tested it!)