19 May, 2006

The Punishment Book

The women over at the Punishment Book asked me to join them this week. I am flattered and looking forward to sharing the space with them (um, well, not so much in the sense of looking forward to being punished, but, you know, to the self-expression part).

I posted an introduction yesterday. And then, last night, W. gave me a totally unexpected punishment, which I write about in greater detail over there. Because, well, it seemed to make more sense over there.

I've got some things running through my brain that I'm going to be posting about here, but there's thunder and lightning again, and dinner is getting close to ready, so I'll write about those things later.


Bonnie said...

Dyke Grrl,

Congratulations! They obviously know quality!

With warm regards,

sparkle said...

LOL. I *totally* understand the part about not looking forward to being punished. Really.

And I'm flattered that you've agreed to join us!


Dyke Grrl said...

Thanks, you two.

And, it's a weird thing about punishment. On the one hand, I really don't enjoy it. (This, I think, is where W. has some trouble with it, since she does seem to enjoy the spankings that are more pleasurable for me.)

On the other hand--boy, do punishment spankings (or relief-spankings) help A LOT. That grounded, balanced feeling? Well, that I definitely look forward to!

la petite dévergondée said...

awe, congratulations,

ever since happening upon your site, ive become devoted, lovely lovely. i also wanted you to know how much one of your posts "Pondering my chilhood, in 5 parts" touched me. I left a lengthy comment to show my appreciation :).

big kiss -la petite