12 November, 2009

NaNoWriMo Word War!

Can we write a novel in a month? Should there be a contest, in which the person who's written the fewest words gets spanked? Tune in Dec. 1st to read all about it!

Or go to Coping in Crazyville--Writing and Whatnot to read any excerpts I've chosen to impose on share with the general public.

(don't worry, you're not seeing double, I just wanted this to show up in feed readers, too.)

The novel I'm working on has pretty much zip to do with spanking or discipline, but you might like it in spite of that, so check out the link and give me lots of positive feedback (until December 1st, at which point those with criticism can chime in as well).


Anonymous said...

JA how'd you catch up so fast?

As long as Nic continues to lag behind I'm more than happy for her to get a spanking! Lol. Well Nic you were happy for me to look like a twit or ass - revenge is mine - cue evil laughter.

Back to the keyboard word warriors - JA give us chance to catch up!

Jigsaw Analogy said...

You hadn't noticed that I'm able to churn out text like a champion?

I didn't say it was *good* writing, but the goal of NaNoWriMo is to churn out text, and that's my forte.

Generally speaking, I can do 1500 to 2000 words an hour. If filling a page with words were the only criteria for being a famous author, I would be rolling in dough.

Anonymous said...

I think Nic and I are out to give you a run now. I had noticed you did about 6000 words in a day!

Keep typing woman, I'm on your tail!

Jigsaw Analogy said...

Bring it on, Nick. Once the word counts get updated, you'll see that I was at 14,756 when I stopped today.

NicNac said...

I'm in. I'm so in. And you guys are going DOWN...


Jigsaw Analogy said...

21,194. Better get cracking!

And I fully intend to write for a few hours tomorrow, too.