07 June, 2006

Under the Weather

Quite literally, as it turns out...

Sorry for not having posted. The weather has been rainy, rainy, rainy here lately, and combined with my usual springtime fibromyalgia flare-up, I've been spending most of my days in bed. I'd post more about that, but fibro has got to be the most boring thing going: I can hold up a book for a few hours a day, and I can occasionally sit up long enough to check email (most of that's been going towards finding a roommate, though). Other than that? Watching TV and reminding myself that these crummy weeks are the reason I don't have a job, and the reason we have cable, so I shouldn't be feeling as insanely guilty for not doing housework and otherwise being efficient.

So hopefully, I'll be able to post next week, because the weather is supposed to stop being quite so damp and dreary. (I often suspect, however, that the weather people just put some sunny days into the long-term forecast so people don't get depressed about the weather, so we'll see...)


thevikingswife said...

I was wondering if you would mind discussing Fibromyalgia with me. I was diagnosed about fifteen years ago. At the time the docs didn't take it seriously. So when I have had a flare up over the years I dealt with it on my own. About three years ago I injured my back which resulted in two herniated disc and nerve damage. I have flare ups off and on. But in research and looking back. I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is the fibromyalgia instead of or along with the back problems. Any suggestions? If you would rather not discuss it I will understand. My email is thevikingsgirl669@yahoo.com


Bonnie said...

Hi DG,

I'm sorry to hear that the spanking you're getting from life isn't a good one at all. In fact, it sounds downright rotten.

Here's hoping the TV weather people are offering more that multimedia Prozac.

Wishing you some sunshine,

Tigger said...

Howdy DG,

Here's to clear and sunny weather and sunnier spirits for you, too. Fresh air will do wonders for your outlook, as soon as you're able to enjoy it. Hang in there and we will all be here waiting when you feel better!

Hugs and sunny thoughts,

HealthStudiesGirl said...

I do hope that you start feeling better soon. Sunny days and warm weather are right around the corner!

Tigger said...

Hiya DG!

Are ya feelin' better yet? How about a post... you've kept us in suspense too long... surely you're feeling better and have something to share with your cyber-friends...

Warm hugs and rays of sunshine,