27 August, 2005

My Sweetie is Back!

My sweetie is back home! Well, we’ve been home together since late Sunday night, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to post about it.

Giving in to the inevitability of it, I told her about this blog several days before I was supposed to go pick her up from camp. I wavered a lot about how I felt about her reading it, but I figured I was going to spill the beans eventually, so I told her about it. But since I was (and am) nervous about how she will react to the things I wrote, I said perhaps she shouldn’t mention to me whether or not she had read it.

I got to her camp pretty late Wednesday night. (I had been meaning to surprise her, but rotten liar that I am, when she called as I was walking out the door, I spilled the beans on that, too.) We had a day to rest, and then made the return drive to New York for a friend’s wedding.

I was cranky by the time we made it to the hotel where the friend was staying—it was hot, our car has no air conditioning, we had to sit in traffic, and then right near the end of the drive, the directions I had failed to send us where we actually needed to go. I was NOT in the mood to socialize. We checked into our room, I spent a bit of time vegging out, and I was feeling a little better.

Before I joined the crowd to discuss dinner, she rummaged through our toybag and brought out one of our “loopy toys.” I made these myself with loops of telephone cord from the dollar store, with handles made out of duct tape and fabric, wrapped tightly. The first tests proved that they are virtually silent and don’t do any permanent damage (that is, don’t bruise or break the skin). And my sweetie likes them because she can have me begging for mercy with just one or two quick swipes. Those things HURT. And I made more than one of them. After I had felt the first one! What on earth was I thinking?!

She had me bend over the bed, bare my backside, and gave me “just two.” We walked down the hall to the brides’ room, and I was just as happy to stand while we discussed dinner. They decided to order in, my wife followed me back to our room to collect our set of menus… and she gave me two more. She met her goal with just four strokes—I knew she was paying attention to my needs, and I behaved for the evening.

The next morning, she was rummaging through the toy bag when I went to take my shower. Midway through, she came in and told me I was getting a spanking when the shower was over. I had seen the evil toy, and I was just a little nervous. I took as long as I could, but there is only so long I can spend in a shower, so I finally had to get out. She had me lean over, and gave me a thorough spanking.

We didn’t have time for more spanking the rest of the weekend, what with having the wedding festivities to attend, but she warned me that I would be spending the following Saturday getting my punishment for breaking our deal about not masturbating. I knew the punishment wasn’t going to be a spanking, but I didn’t know anything else about it.

We’ve had a week of getting used to being together again. Well, that, and shoveling out the mess of the house (I may be the more proficient housekeeper, but it’s been a difficult summer, so things had gotten out of hand). I asked her on Tuesday whether she had read the blog yet, and of course she had. We’ve spent time talking about what I’ve written, and I think we’re communicating well about it. More in a later post about that.

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