16 August, 2005

Breathing in and breathing out

I just realized that I've never gotten around to posting about the song that gave this blog its name (what? you think I can come up with a title entirely on my own?! Ha!).

The Asylum Street Spankers have a wonderfully sultry song called "Breathin'." It's steamy, sexy, good for slow dancing, and makes me think happily of my wife. Each verse of the song ends with the statement "You know that loving you is just like breathing in and breathing out."

Also, it's a good reminder for me to breathe both in and out--I've got some trouble remembering to do this.

If you haven't heard of them, definitely check out the Asylum Street Spankers. Any group that could sing both "Breathin'" and "If You Love Me, You'll Sleep on the Wet Spot" gets my vote.

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