31 July, 2005

Chuckle from the NY Times Magazine

I decided to try the word puzzle in the Times Sunday Magazine today. Each question gave three clues. You answer the first one, replace the letter it directs you to replace with the word suggested by the second clue, and wind up with the answer to the third clue. To quote from the directions: "For example, given the first clue 'Show the way,' and asked to replace D with 'At no time,' to get 'Wife of King Arthur,' you would answer GUI(NEVER)E. That's GUIDE, replacing the D with NEVER."

Question 5 was the following:
Struck with a switch (-E +"Like a Rolling Stone" singer)= Kids' board game.

Click "continued" for the answer.

Okay, so it's not *that* funny, but it still made me smile.


Pink said...

Hey Dyke Grrl! From one hapily partnered, queer, grad student, aspiring housewife to another- cheers on the new blog!
Also, I find that, now that my wife turned me on to spanking, there are references to spanking and submission all over the place... especially in the literature I read for my grad work. Makes me smile every time.

DarkRebelSiren said...

Hello there. Ijust wanted to say that I happened upon your blog and really liek it so far. Just to let you know someone is paying attention. :)

Haron said...

Hi, Dyke Grrl,

I'm very excited to see you on the blogs. You were fantastic on SSS!

Will henceforth stalk you a lot, if you don't mind :)