04 May, 2009

more spanko startles

today was filled with spanko startles. there are the two mentioned in my last post, and then w and i were wandering around kmart and found these paddle ball games on sale... sans balls. bratz "hittin' pretty paddle balls." i don't know why we didn't buy them, since they were on clearance for $2.99, and seemed really sturdy.

then we were at an ostensibly vanilla shoe store, and w noticed a rather startling mural on the wall behind the checkout counter, featuring a woman caning a man--bare bottom, lots of cross-hatching. we weren't quite brave enough to get a picture, particularly since it was somewhat obscured by the cashier and some shoe boxes.

and then i came home and took a quiz on facebook, and the first question was this:

i wonder what the universe is telling me? :)

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