15 October, 2007

Discipline forum

W. and I have been looking for a bulletin board type forum where we could discuss this whole discipline thing with other people. And we haven't run across or really heard of any forums where our particular ways of doing discipline (or, you know, of being non-Christian, non-straight people) really seemed to fit in.

So after seeing from some comments to a post I made on the Punishment Book that other people were also interested in the idea, I figured I could make a forum myself (I was setting up an unrelated website anyways, so it wasn't difficult to just add another domain on, and put the bulletin board there.)

Anyhow, I got the forum up today--www.thisthingwedo.com/forum.

It's a board for those of us who do some kind of discipline, but don't want to be told things like "anything with a power exchange or spanking is ultimately about sex, and if you think differently, you're just deluding yourself" or "men spank women because women are weak and God made men the heads of households for a reason" or all of the other things that people say. Beyond that, it's got space for discussing those real-life concerns, such as how our physical and mental health fit into this thing we do.

Please, if you are interested (and feel like having a non-blog space for talking about this stuff), join up.

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