18 October, 2006


Just a quick note on something. Generally, I far prefer to read a blog where the person has edited what they've written before they post. It may not seem that way, but most of my posts here have actually involved some refining and polishing. It's easier to read, I think, and a general courtesy to the reading public.

But I'm finding it far easier to write if I just go ahead and write and don't think about it. And I'd rather be writing and trying to connect with people than making a good blog with excellently readable posts. So for a little bit, I'll just write them, and they may not be nearly as well written, but I do think that the posts will have something interesting to say, and that it will offer a different kind of thing than my more polished posts. Sometimes, the editing just serves to hide what I really want to say.

So my apologies for having a less "writerly" blog for the time being, but hopefully, you'll stick with me. Thanks.


Bonnie said...


Don't sweat it. You're writing is fine and I'm glad just to hear from you.


sparkle said...

It's not a problem :). I'm here, too - I just haven't figured out anything helpful to say other than 'Welcome back' and that didn't seem like much of a comment....

cuddlybum said...

I've never founf anything to complain about in your writing - and my editing is rubbish so I really can't complain bout anyone else's!! lol

SO glad you're back writing - I don't comment often, but I love reading.


cuddlybum said...

Ahem - typos not intended!! sorry!!

Jigsaw Analogy said...

Hey, thanks all of you! I suspect the non-edited versions aren't all that much different from the edited ones, really.

I'm glad to have figured out how to do a bit of writing, at least for the moment.