27 September, 2005

Fantasy # 2

Fantasies change as I write them, morphing into something that exists halfway between fantasy and what would make a good story. And, really, I do have a variety of fantasies, so I thought I’d write up another of them.

(And, sweetie, just in case you’re concerned, I’m writing this Tuesday night, not Wednesday day!)

She knocks on my study door, and opens the door. “Come into the bedroom.”

“In a couple of minutes,” I say, not really looking up from my email.

Not in a couple of minutes. Come with me right now.”

I turn my head, but she has already gone into the bedroom. I go in, wondering what she needs, a little irritated at being interrupted. As I close the bedroom door behind me, she says, “When I tell you to come, you come. Understand?”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise. This isn’t like her.

“Take off your clothes and get onto the bed.” I hesitate, and she says, “Now!”

My hands tremble as I undress. My heart pounds as I climb onto the bed.

She looks at me appreciatively, and then reaches her hand to grasp my cunt. “Whose is this?” she asks.

“Yours,” I murmur, slipping into a submissive state of mind.

“And when can I touch it?”

“Whenever you want to,” I reply.

“Good. Come here.” She strokes me, then grabs the back of my head and kisses me roughly. She lifts her other hand to twist my nipple, and electricity jolts through me, centering on my clit. She moves her head down and bites my other nipple. Then she pulls me across her lap.

Her hand is strong, firm, unstoppable. Spanks cover my bottom, and the tops of my thighs. She pushes me a little away from her, and lifts the blue whip. She lets the strands of it drift across my sensitive flesh. She begins to tap me with it, gently, then harder and harder. I shift to look at her, and she grabs my hair to point my face towards the bed.

She picks up a rhythm, and begins to strike more fiercely. I squeal, and she pauses to stroke my bottom. Her hand slides between my thighs, and I hear her moan softly as she feels the slick wetness. She lifts the whip again and continues. I would swear that I can feel the heat radiating from my bottom.

“You’re so red,” she sighs, and pulls me back over her lap. Her hand feels even more powerful now that my skin is so tender. She alternates smacks with lingering caresses of my asshole and cunt. When I clench my legs, trying to squeeze my clit, she pulls them apart. “You will come when I say you can,” she says firmly. And then she begins to spank the insides of my thighs. I squirm, but she holds me.

She finally pushes me off of her lap. My bottom and thighs are throbbing, and a different rhythm is beating in my cunt. “On your knees, facing the door,” she orders. I comply. She settles herself behind me, and begins to slide her fingers into my cunt.

“You’re so wet, so open,” she says. “I love your amazing body.”

I blush, knowing that anything I say will seem trite. And most of my powers of speech have been overtaken by the sensations somewhat further down.

As she begins to slide her whole hand into my cunt, I tense. “Maybe some lube?” I ask.

“Whose cunt is this?” she says, and slaps me with her other hand. “Don’t you think I know your body? Do you trust me to know what you need?”

“Yes,” I say, and relax. She does know my body, sometimes better than I know it myself.

“I know when you are ready, and I know what you can take,” she says. I ride the sensations. I hear the half-sigh, half-growl she sometimes makes when she slides her hand into me, and I know she is inside me to her wrist.

The sensations are electric, and overpowering. My cunt is burning, and the glow is spreading through my whole body. She makes me come, but she doesn’t stop. Her fist moves in and out, in and out, and I come over and over again. By the time she is finished, I can’t feel my toes or fingers.

Slowly, she pulls out her hand, and strokes it over me. She comes beside me, and kisses me, only slightly more gently than before. She growls slightly in the back of her throat, as she bites and sucks. “Mine,” she says, over and over again.

“Yours,” I agree.


brat said...

that was so hot! thanks!

Handspan said...

Babe, I am so sorry I've been so tired.

I'd like that.

I just started to write a fantasy response but just got so overwhelmed, and, well, TIRED. I couldn't even start. I'm sorry.

I love reading your stories.